Is Your Software Compatible?

Software developers need to know more than just what features their customers would like to see in their next updates. They also need to know how to keep their software compatible with the operating systems that their customers use. Don’t assume that you know what OS your target audience uses when you can get accurate information from them that will help you meet their needs.

Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

Many software companies overlook the obvious solution to this problem: just ask customers what they need. Internet users protect certain types of information. They probably won’t tell you their social security and credit card numbers without good reasons. They give away other bits of information freely. Very few people will get annoyed when you ask them what operating systems they use at home and the office.

When you use a service like, you get to ask customers one or two direct questions. A small survey like this encourages Internet users to provide the information that you need to make software that works well with their preferred operating systems.

Keep Accurate Download Records

Keeping accurate records about the software downloaded from your website could also help you focus on software that will meet the needs of your customers. If 90 percent of your customers choose a software update that works with Linux, then you know to focus most of your efforts on developments for that system.

A combination of raw data and customer surveys could give you the greatest insight into your customers needs. Use all the tools you have to make sure your next update works well with the operating systems your customers use.

Best Laptops for 2011

You need a new computer; your old one is about as out-dated as the tennis shoes you purchased two years ago. What is out there for this year?

Quite a bit. Still, before you buy that new computer, make sure that your old one just doesn’t need a bit of fancying up. Gadgets do wonders for old computers as do custom-made coverings or laptop skins. Because the new stuff will often cost you a pretty penny, consider what would happen if you added a KISS Insights gadget to your website so that others could communicate with you in real-time; it may be that using add-ons may offer you the “newness” you’re looking for.

Still want new? Consider these 5 top brands as reviewed on

  • HP Compaq has a “15.4 inch screen”
  • Sony VAIO SR Series is “slim and lightweight”
  • Dell Inspiron 15 has “built in wifi”
  • Apple Macbook is great for businesses
  • HP ProBook 5310m is “Slim and sleek” according to

If you’re unsure of what computer will best fit your needs, don’t be afraid to ask questions before making your decision. Nothing is worse than bringing a computer home that you had doubts about in the first place. Choose one that you feel good about–even if you decide to wait.

The laptop you eventually choose has as much to do with your personal needs as where you take your needs. From school room to office to home, get the laptop that best suits you—and don’t forget you may yet be able to juice up your old one.


Upgrading Computer Hardware

Upgrading computer hardware is a necessary evil with technology. The hard drive, peripherals, and software inevitably age and are useless with the advancement of new technology. Some of the best ways to go about obtaining new products is to complete a little research. Some thing can be found easily, and are standardized regardless of where you go, but other might take a more exclusive touch in order to get it right.

Finding the Right Fit for You

Finding the right equipment for you can be easily done. The newest software can be purchased at any dealer, but the actual monitor can be something a bit more exclusive. Taking the time to look into your options will help you to feel better about your purchase when the time comes for the actual leap.

Some of the new gadgets that are out make life easier for you. So when you are looking UFX Markets Trading, you can do so with the ease of a touch. The new touch screens are making a big splash in the world of technology. There is a warning however, make sure that you get a high quality piece. These are a relatively new type of home accessory, which means more could go wrong.

The larger screens, better controls, and quicker response times make for a quality and pleasant experience with the technology that is being released. You can have confidence in knowing that the purchases you make are going to last for a long time, and bring you the joy you deserve.


A Career in Computers

Just a few decades ago, the options and opportunities for a career in computers were very limited. Today, there is a growing demand for people who can manage computers, computer networks and every aspect involving them. For those who are looking for a career in this field, the options are very much there.

How to Get a Career in Computers

For those interested in starting a career in computer technology, learn what it is, first. Ensure you have an interest in it. Doing this ensures that you will like your job. Then, consider a few tips to make yourself a good candidate for a job in this field.

  • Do get education. You can enroll in online education degrees to get started. Having a degree ensures you have the skills an employer wants and needs. It makes you more attractive as an employee.
  • Ensure you get continuing education, too. The world of computer technology continues to grow and change. When you have skills, they will become outdated. Go back to school to brush up on your options.
  • Specialize if you can as it makes you more desirable in those fields. You may specialize in network management, for example. You may specialize in the creation of software or hardware.

A degree in computers can be a reality. The only thing holding you back is you. Take the time to learn about the opportunities available to you in this field. Doing so can help to empower you for years to come in a field that continues to change and develop.


What Changes Come With Windows 7

Every computer needs an operating system in order to run. Without an operating system on a computer, the monitor, tower and keyboard are useless items that cannot communicate with each other. Every few years companies such as Microsoft puts out new operating systems that are designed to improve your computer and Internet experience. The latest operating system put out by Microsoft is Windows 7.

Whether you are an online trading broker or just an average college student, you may be wondering what makes Windows 7 so different from other operating systems. Here’s a look at some of the changes Windows 7 brings you.

Makes Sharing Documents Easier

Windows 7 is designed with simplicity and ease in mind. Sharing documents or music, or trading on the UFX Markets Trading platform is faster than ever with this operating system. With just a click of the mouse and an internet connection you can send folders and documents easily to other computer users.

Turn Computers on Faster

It’s frustrating when you want to turn a computer on and you have to wait 10, 15 minutes for your computer to start-up. Windows 7 is designed to start-up quicker than any other operating system on the market. It also comes with the ability to put the computer to sleep faster for those times when you aren’t using the computer.

Easy Networking Abilities

Windows 7 offers the best networking connections out of all the operating systems on the market. Just click a few buttons and you can set up a whole computer network with no hassle at all.

These reasons are why Windows 7 is considered the latest and best operating system on the market today.


Internet Fuels Revolution

Egypt is in a riot. Yemen overthrew it’s government. Iranian youth demand change. Americans vote for a new political atmosphere. How does it happen so suddenly? Today, the internet fuels revolution. We expect democratic countries to question and adjust their governments. By the very nature of their design, they are able to stay in a constant dialogue to improve their way of life. However, a country like Egypt is under a dictator’s rule. Having a fair voice in the government is unheard of. The youth of that country have used the power of the internet to fuel a revolution.

With internet technology, people can hold world wide conversations and share ideas that can help a whole generation reshape the political atmosphere in their homeland. Governments know this because as soon as the unrest starts, the government will cut off the internet. That is powerful evidence that leaders know that they really are not in control of their people the way they used to be. For the people under a dictator’s rule, computer technology like a reliable ftp server and the ability to download and share information could be the very hero that balances the rights of all people with a well run government.

Even democratic countries, like the United States, are faced with political embarrassment via the internet. Wikileaks exposed the fumbles of an ill begot war in the Middle East. Some call it treason. Most call it a welcome necessity. Technology is a powerful champion of truth. Certainly, it is also used for ill will. Terrorists whip up support all over the world. They put videos on the internet of executions. They send threatening messages. That’s no good.

On the flip side of internet information sharing and even internet terrorism, there are the government agencies who can hack in and track movement of freedom fighters and terrorists. Nothing is really stealth, but it doesn’t need to be. One click of the send button can change the world.

Does the Internet Help or Hurt Homework?

Homework is the dreaded after school activity that no student can avoid. Depending on the assignment, it can be extremely time consuming. Any healthy teen will tell you that too much homework is a disaster to his social life. It’s hard to talk on the phone and also research a project. Not anymore! With the internet, the social teen can chat and research at the same time. The question then becomes this. Does the internet help or hurt homework?

It depends on the kid. Unfortunately, most teenagers are lazy. The internet very likely hurts their homework habits. Even if one tab is opened to a history research project and another to a word processing Office Suite document, a third is probably open to Facebook. It doesn’t take a genius of a parent to guess which tab is getting more attention. In that case, computer time needs to be limited or heavily monitored. Limiting time could be limiting research. Monitoring computer usage can support research. The key is balance. If the homework assignment doesn’t require a computer, than the child doesn’t need to be near the machine. The only hardware he needs is the one attached to his neck.

Where kids are concerned, technology can be a real curse. A parent could find himself confiscating computers, phones, and game devices. Technology makes every piece of hardware an interchangeable device. Wii plays downloaded movies. Smartphones browse the internet. Computers call best friends. Kids get really smart when it comes to using all of this software, and really dumb when it comes to using it to do school work. There are a couple of ways to handle this. The first is to lay out the expectations and wait for your child to do the right thing. Since you know he won’t, you have to be willing to let him fail and suffer the consequences. The other way to control the situation is to be controlling. You may have a kid with consistently better grades, but he probably can’t make his own decision to save his life.

Acknowledge that technology is good, but accept that it can be bad if not properly managed.

Preschoolers and Technology

It’s amazing to watch a four year old with a computer. They seem to instinctively know just how to find a picture of a toy they want. They can find a photograph of themselves, and they can play games. This all happens when they don’t know how to read or type. Preschoolers and technology are an odd couple, but one that is very prevalent in most households.

Software developers have been very savvy where small children and technology are concerned. Whether it’s a toy computer that plays learning games or whether it’s an internet program designed for children, the programmers know just how a little mind works. If it’s a toy computer, that seems safe. If the game is internet based, that’s kind of scary. Smart little kids are curious little kids. They’ll figure out how to use a mouse and keyboard, even if they don’t fully understand what that hardware is. They’ll learn that certain symbols can be clicked and that will take them somewhere else on the internet. Now you have a browsing preschooler.

Make sure your anti-virus is updated. In fact, don’t leave a little one alone on a computer. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache if you take that advice. Definitely make sure you have parental controls in place so that the internet stays safe for a child. Learning to use a computer is great, but do it wisely with your little one. Pick technology and software that is appropriate for the child and safe for your hardware and operating system.

Online Surveys are Easy and Convenient

If you have a company or business website and you’ve been toying around with the idea of surveys, now is a great time to get started. They are easy to install on your website, and they’re convenient because you can get a lot of great information from your customers and potential customers with them. You can also offer a link to your email subscriber list, so that you can get participants to provide you with even more feedback on your customer service. Getting fast and simple responses is nice, and it helps you determine what kind of changes you should be making. It’s among the easiest kinds of market research, but it’s also very effective.

Deciding to use online surveys shouldn’t be a difficult choice. The options for what you can do with surveys are almost endless, and technology has made them easier than ever to use and to compile information from. You can ask one question, or you can ask dozens of questions. Overall, you’ll want to keep your survey short. If you ask too many questions, you’ll find that a lot of people will get annoyed and just not complete the survey. To avoid that, keep things short and simple. You can still get a lot of great information that way.

Even if you’ve never created or used a survey before, don’t let that intimidate you. It doesn’t have to stop you from getting the information that you need and want from your customers. Be bold, and create a survey that you can use to find out what people coming to your site really want to see from you. With the responses, you can decide whether changes need to be made that will benefit you in the long run and improve the experience for the customer at the same time.

Understanding Different Browsers

In the early days of the Internet, there was only one browser and that was Mosaic.  Mosaic evolved into Netscape which became a wildly popular browse at the time. Since then, other browsers have been developed: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Flock, Safari, and Chrome to name a few. Many people are familiar with Internet Explorer because it comes pre-loaded on their Windows-based computer. However, there are others browsers available. Here is a description of 4 different ones.

Netscape developers produced a browser based on the open source software model. This meant that it was free to everyone. Because the source was open, anybody could change and improve the code. This browser evolved into Firefox. Firefox users can download and install extensions that add extra functionality to the browser. They can also install themes, personas, and plugins.

Apple Corporation developed the Safari browser. At first, it was mainly for Macintosh computers. Apple now has a version that will run on Windows based computers and several mobile phone platforms. Apple touted the fact that Safari was a much safer browser than Internet Explorer. People could use it and not worry about being infected with viruses or have the credit card information stolen.

Google decided to jump into the browser fray and developed Chrome. One of the characteristics that Chrome users really like is its speed. Chrome isn’t a bloated web browser.  It was developed to be quick to start up and to load pages. It has a clean and simple window designed for easy using.  Google also boasted that Chrome has up-to-date security so that people wouldn’t be afraid that their financial information would be hacked into when they made purchases over the Internet.

Flock is an up and coming browser for those who are into social web browsing.  Users can write posts for their blogs, post comments in Facebook and Twitter, upload pictures to flickr or videos to YouTube. It also has an RSS feed reader. It was build to be simple, sleek, and fast.