Why did Myspace Fail?

With so many social networking options on the market today, it’s amazing that Facebook still reigns supreme. The internet is rife with nearly dead social sites: Multiply, Friendster, MySpace, etc. MySpace used to be Facebook’s only competitor, but it slowly fell by the wayside. With the introduction of Google+, which site will fall like MySpace did– Facebook or Google+?

Why did MySpace fail, anyway?

Origins of Facebook and MySpace

You were probably an early adopter of Facebook only if you were a college student or taking online courses. Facebook spread rapidly to the college crowd; in fact, Facebook was only available for .edu addresses for a long time. Everyone else embraced MySpace– moms, high school students, even the elderly. So why did the more-popular site fail?

Why did MySpace Fail?

MySpace sort of “sold out” in the eyes of its users. The site’s ads were large and overwhelming– and they often involved sexual content. It gave users a vibe that the site wasn’t safe– or at least it wasn’t operating with integrity. Spam reigned supreme. Facebook, on the other hand, always felt like a safe gated internet community. Google couldn’t touch the pictures you posted, the status updates you wrote, or your messages between friends.

Facebook also had a better ad strategy. Facebook ads are quiet and unobtrusive– but Facebook now has so much of an audience that it doesn’t matter how big or small the ads are. Facebook users receive ads targeted directly to them, making a much more personalized advertising experience.

Connecting Your Business Online

Getting your business connected online can be a challenge. There are many ways to proceed in order to complete this task, and while all are beneficial, some could be more time-consuming than others. This means that you are taking more time to network and make connections than others are, and it’s imperative to get to potential clients as quickly as possible. Finding resources online is an important way to find investors, network with other businesses for joint ventures, and other possibilities that come with being connected successfully through online resources.

How To Get The Most Use Out Of Resources

There are few tricks of the trade for finding and using the best online resources. Those who have been able to capitalize on them are usually educated in some form of business or technology field. Sites like earnmydegree.com can help you learn to get the education necessary to use the Internet to its fullest potential for your business. The other aspects of the Internet world and its inter-connectivity is that most of the companies find ways to use each other in order to springboard new business. This would include ways to find new business leads, sponsors, and a following that is willing to share information about your business on networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Generating sales leads is important for any business to grow, and the more recognized a business becomes the more income potential that a business can begin to develop. While it is hard to project possible sales growth for any new business, one thing is true, once it happens online, businesses can reap the rewards.