Time Saving Technology Tools

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Whether you are earning an online college degree, working in an office or trying to stay connected with a large social network, time-saving software and technological equipment can help you complete tasks more quickly.

A Laptop Mouse

When laptop users begin using a mouse, they see an increase in their productivity. Navigating websites and productivity software with a touchpad alone can be time-consuming. Using a mouse will increase your speed. Navigating between screens, scrolling and copying and pasting information suddenly becomes faster with a mouse.

An External Keypad

Whether working as a data entry clerk or studying accounting, you can speed up your tasks by using an external numeric keypad. You can use a regular laptop keyboard by setting the alphabet keys to the numeric option. Alternatively, an external keypad will allow you to quickly complete 10-key data entry.

Noise-Resistant Headphones

When working in a noisy place, for example in a coffee shop while working towards an online college degree, headphones can save you time by blocking out distracting noises. If you’re someone who works better with music on, noise-blocking headphones can improve your productivity.

Productivity Software

Productivity software refers to applications known more commonly as word processing software, spreadsheet applications and presentation software. While most computers come with these applications, many people don’t take advantage of them on a daily basis. For example, tracking a household budget is simple once you set up the right formulas in a spreadsheet. There’s no longer a need to repeatedly punch household expenses into a calculator. The formulas will do this work for you.

With a few extra technology tools, you can work faster and have more leisure time in your life.

Best Laptops for 2011

You need a new computer; your old one is about as out-dated as the tennis shoes you purchased two years ago. What is out there for this year?

Quite a bit. Still, before you buy that new computer, make sure that your old one just doesn’t need a bit of fancying up. Gadgets do wonders for old computers as do custom-made coverings or laptop skins. Because the new stuff will often cost you a pretty penny, consider what would happen if you added a KISS Insights gadget to your website so that others could communicate with you in real-time; it may be that using add-ons may offer you the “newness” you’re looking for.

Still want new? Consider these 5 top brands as reviewed on toptenreviews.com:

  • HP Compaq has a “15.4 inch screen”
  • Sony VAIO SR Series is “slim and lightweight”
  • Dell Inspiron 15 has “built in wifi”
  • Apple Macbook is great for businesses
  • HP ProBook 5310m is “Slim and sleek” according to hp.com

If you’re unsure of what computer will best fit your needs, don’t be afraid to ask questions before making your decision. Nothing is worse than bringing a computer home that you had doubts about in the first place. Choose one that you feel good about–even if you decide to wait.

The laptop you eventually choose has as much to do with your personal needs as where you take your needs. From school room to office to home, get the laptop that best suits you—and don’t forget you may yet be able to juice up your old one.