5 Great Apps For Your Cell Phone

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5 Great Apps For Your Cell Phone

When is a cell phone not a cell phone? When you need it to take pictures, to check weather, to locate restaurants, to rent a movie from Red Box, or to read USA Today – that’s when!

Instagram. This fun application allows you to apply a dozen different types of filters to a picture that you take with your iPhone. Then, you can easily and quickly upload the picture to share on Facebook. You can make posts to Posterous, Tumblr, and Twitter. It’s a great way to share photos with friends and family members – especially when you live in different locations! (Free)

USA Today. Have the news at your fingertips, when you want it, and where you want it. You can read the top headlines, catch up on the latest happenings in sports, see the weather forecast, and stay up to date on financial news. (Free)

Red Box. Want to pick up a movie on you way home from work? With the Red Box application, you can locate a box that is nearby, check out the new releases, see the movies that are available, and reserve your selection. Sweet! (Free)

Weather. If you need more weather information than what you get with the USA Today app, download the Weather Channel application. You get the weather conditions for your current location. You can see a 10 day forecast. You can see an interactive radar maps, get severe weather warnings, and even see road cams. (Free)

Yelp. You are traveling. It’s dinnertime. You’re hungry. But you have no clue where to go to eat. Yelp to the rescue! Simply let this application use your current destination, select the distance that you are willing to travel and the price range and Yelp will find restaurants that fit your criteria. You can even locate banks, gas stations, drugstores, spas, art galleries, and much, much more. (Free)