Tech Trends to Watch

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Tech Trends to Watch

Mobile applications are hot, hot, hot. There are over 400,000 applications that are available for the different mobile systems. And that’s a lot of applications! Cell phones with applications are changing the way we live, work, expect entertainment, and get educational material. Cell phones are turning into one-technology-fills-all needs. People can take pictures with their cell phones and post them on-line on Flickr or Facebook. People can watch movies on their cell phones. They can check the weather, reserve hotel rooms, and purchase airline tickets. And they can keep track of all that information in one nifty application for their phone.

Schools are looking for ways to make their content available on mobile technologies such as the cell phone and iPad. They realize that students constantly use these technologies and are now expecting to use it as a part of their education.

Social communication and collaboration is another trend to keep an eye on. Businesses are trying to figure out ways to use social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in their marketing strategies.

Because businesses are using social communication in an effort to reach more customers, they are very concerned about its effectiveness. Social analytics is rising in demand. Businesses need employees who understand the process of measuring, analyzing, and interpreting the statistics from their social media marketing efforts. They need marketers who can then build and sustain marketing strategies based on the information gleaned.

Some trend watchers believe that flash memory will soon work its way into file servers and client computers. We already have this type of storage for digital cameras. Lots of data stored in a small chip! This type of memory has a great advantage because it could eliminate overheating problems on file servers, have greater speed, and saves lots of space.