Preschoolers and Technology

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Preschoolers and Technology

It’s amazing to watch a four year old with a computer. They seem to instinctively know just how to find a picture of a toy they want. They can find a photograph of themselves, and they can play games. This all happens when they don’t know how to read or type. Preschoolers and technology are an odd couple, but one that is very prevalent in most households.

Software developers have been very savvy where small children and technology are concerned. Whether it’s a toy computer that plays learning games or whether it’s an internet program designed for children, the programers know just how a little mind works. If it’s a toy computer, that seems safe. If the game is internet based, that’s kind of scary. Smart little kids are curious little kids. They’ll figure out how to use a mouse and keyboard, even if they don’t fully understand what that hardware is. They’ll learn that certain symbols can be clicked and that will take them somewhere else on the internet. Now you have a browsing preschooler.

Make sure your anti-virus is updated. In fact, don’t leave a little one alone on a computer. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache if you take that advice. Definitely make sure you have parental controls in place so that the internet stays safe for a child. Learning to use a computer is great, but do it wisely with your little one. Pick technology and software that is appropriate for the child and safe for your hardware and operating system.