What is Cloud Computing?

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing sounds rather confusing.  How in the world can you ever do computer work in the clouds?

That phrase doesn’t apply to the fluffy white things that float in the sky. It refers to computing work that is not in a specific or static place. In the past, businesses, organizations, and schools have had their own file servers that handled their computer needs. There was an actual physical locations where the network administrator to go to and physically touch the file servers and work on them.

Computing in the cloud refers to using a third-party to provide the file server. The users merely access the server through the Internet or high-speed connections. Their data is used and stored and backed up on these remote servers.

Another type of cloud computing refers to using software that is hosted by a third party. The business, organization, or school does not purchase the software. Generally, they get to use it free. (The hosting company makes money by providing storage space for the business’ documents and media.)

There are several benefits to cloud computing. One of the biggest reasons is it is cost effective. Businesses do not have to purchase the necessary hardware.  They don’t have to buy the servers or the back-up servers.

Another huge reason is dependability. Companies that provide cloud computing have lots of back-up servers. They are prepared to handle the demand load and make sure that they have everything properly backed up.  Because they are dependable, companies do not have to worry about lost data or having a file server go down.

Another reason is less headaches and troubleshooting. Businesses don’t have to worry about setting up the file servers and maintaining them. This also helps reduce the cost of hiring employees to maintain the file servers.