Internet Fuels Revolution

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Internet Fuels Revolution

Egypt is in a riot. Yemen overthrew it’s government. Iranian youth demand change. Americans vote for a new political atmosphere. How does it happen so suddenly? Today, the internet fuels revolution. We expect democratic countries to question and adjust their governments. By the very nature of their design, they are able to stay in a constant dialogue to improve their way of life. However, a country like Egypt is under a dictator’s rule. Having a fair voice in the government is unheard of. The youth of that country have used the power of the internet to fuel a revolution.

With internet technology, people can hold world wide conversations and share ideas that can help a whole generation reshape the political atmosphere in their homeland. Governments know this because as soon as the unrest starts, the government will cut off the internet. That is powerful evidence that leaders know that they really are not in control of their people the way they used to be. For the people under a dictator’s rule, computer technology could be the very hero that balances the rights of all people with a well run government.

Even democratic countries, like the United States, are faced with political embarrassment via the internet. Wikileaks exposed the fumbles of an ill begot war in the Middle East. Some call it treason. Most call it a welcome necessity. Technology is a powerful champion of truth. Certainly, it is also used for ill will. Terrorists whip up support all over the world. They put videos on the internet of executions. They send threatening messages. That’s no good.

On the flip side of internet information sharing and even internet terrorism, there are the government agencies who can hack in and track movement of freedom fighters and terrorists. Nothing is really stealth, but it doesn’t need to be. One click of the send button can change the world.