Understanding Different Browsers

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Understanding Different Browsers

In the early days of the Internet, there was only one browser and that was Mosaic.  Mosaic evolved into Netscape which became a wildly popular browse at the time. Since then, other browsers have been developed: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Flock, Safari, and Chrome to name a few. Many people are familiar with Internet Explorer because it comes pre-loaded on their Windows-based computer. However, there are others browsers available. Here is a description of 4 different ones.

Netscape developers produced a browser based on the open source software model. This meant that it was free to everyone. Because the source was open, anybody could change and improve the code. This browser evolved into Firefox. Firefox users can download and install extensions that add extra functionality to the browser. They can also install themes, personas, and plugins.

Apple Corporation developed the Safari browser. At first, it was mainly for Macintosh computers. Apple now has a version that will run on Windows based computers and several mobile phone platforms. Apple touted the fact that Safari was a much safer browser than Internet Explorer. People could use it and not worry about being infected with viruses or have the credit card information stolen.

Google decided to jump into the browser fray and developed Chrome. One of the characteristics that Chrome users really like is its speed. Chrome isn’t a bloated web browser.  It was developed to be quick to start up and to load pages. It has a clean and simple window designed for easy using.  Google also boasted that Chrome has up-to-date security so that people wouldn’t be afraid that their financial information would be hacked into when they made purchases over the Internet.

Flock is an up and coming browser for those who are into social web browsing.  Users can write posts for their blogs, post comments in Facebook and Twitter, upload pictures to flickr or videos to YouTube. It also has an RSS feed reader. It was build to be simple, sleek, and fast.